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A Better Way to Manage Your Home

The primary focus of Wasatch Property Managers is simple: Provide great customer service to property owners. We consistently and effectively work to develop and execute strategies that provide owners with critical management solutions and resources that protect and enhance their property value.

The Bottom Line: No Surprises.

One of the core strategies at Wasatch Property Managers is to eliminate surprises. From our fees to unexpected repairs, from property evaluations to recommendations on the best tenants...the last thing owners need is to be surprised. We don’t like surprises either. WPM takes great care to ensure property owners receive all critical information they need in order to make decisions that are in their best interests.

Finances and Accounting

Finances & Accounting

Wasatch Property Managers is proud to be completely financially transparent. WPM’s independent Accountant provides a broad range of financial services to owners and tenants. As part of this service, owners receive monthly statements that clearly showcase deposits, owner draws and any maintenance expenses. All rent payments and owner draws are efficiently managed through online bank services. As an added value, WPM’s owners and Certified Public Accountant are readily accessible to answer any questions, especially questions involving finances.



Wasatch Property Managers provides full marketing and online advertising services. WPM will conduct an on-site evaluation of the property, investigate and assess the surrounding competitive landscape for rental homes. Properties will be fully marketed on our web site as well as other local online sites. In addition, we market the home on as many as five national search sites.

Wasatch Property Managers will not rent a home without meeting all prospective tenants. In those meetings, we initially assess two things:

1. Will the tenants take great care of the home

2. Will the tenants pay their rent on time

In addition to the first-hand assessment, WPM will conduct a thorough background check into the potential tenant’s credit history. A key component of that check is a criminal background check. As important as that information is, we go beyond those findings and contact previous landlords. We are then able to more completely evaluate whether the tenant will be able to meet our two primary objectives.



Wasatch Property Managers’ Communication Strategy was developed and is designed to generate complete trust and confidence from every property owner. Questions from owners and tenants will be answered within 24 hours. Emergencies will be handled immediately. Property owners will have direct access to the owners of Wasatch Property Managers.

Our core strategy governing effective communication is, quite simply, “No Surprises.” From the beginning of marketing to finally signing a lease agreement, owners will be kept completely informed and will approve all marketing and eventual lease documents. During the course of the lease, owners will receive feedback from our regular inspections. In addition, absolutely no service repair work will be initiated without the owners’ knowledge.

Property Mainenance

Property Maintenance

Wasatch Property Managers conducts monthly site inspections. Those on-site visits help us identify problems before they become significant problems. If repairs are needed, owners are first notified. WPM will then contact one of our licensed and bonded service providers. Key livability issues such as Air Conditioning and Furnace repair issues will be handled immediately. WPM will do everything it can to minimize the financial impact on owners while keeping the home in great working condition.



Wasatch Property Managers will provide a unique approach to effectively managing all properties ranging from homes and condominiums to townhomes. That approach centers on quality service, valuable communication and transparency. We place a high value on finding quality tenants we would want to live in our homes.